Hartlepool Paid ?2 Million as Bingo Winnings in Past Six Months

Hartlepool Paid ?2 Million as Bingo Winnings in Past Six Months


Recently, Hartlepool, one of the leading online casinos has reveled that, in past six months it has paid a total of ?2 million as bingo winnings. This massive cash prize distribution took place this year between the months of January to June. This announcement has made this online casino one of the most significant places for bingo lovers in the country.

This ?2million is awarded in combination of in house main stage games and cashline games. Grand Night Out events, which is scheduled once in a month specifically on Sunday gave away ?10,200 as prize money.Apart from this, in the 2011 so far, the firm has awarded almost ?17.1m all over the area and ?162m throughout the country.

Hartlepool representative commented, “Playing Bingo is fun and in Bingo there are huge chances of winning massive amount.” Casino manger stressed on the significance of new technology that has improved the customer playing experience.

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