JackpotJoy Paid ?110,384 as Progressive Jackpot Win

JackpotJoy Paid ?110,384 as Progressive Jackpot Win


JackpotJoy, one among the leading website of online slot and online bingo games has made the announcement that one of their lucky punters has won massive cash worth ?110,000 from popular 90-ball bingo game. This lucky player is known asMrs Kristyna H, who has won massive progressive jackpot worth ?110,384 from JackpoyJoy online casino group.??The winning player commented, “I am very shocked and could not sleep last night. Its almost two years that I lost my hubby and I am happy that I am getting a new place for making a fresh start.”

JackpotJoy reveled that players can enjoy this game by wagering just 10 pence, so place having small bankroll can also enjoy this exciting game. According to JackpotJoy, “This is one of the most interesting and affordable way to enjoy the game win progressive jackpot. Every time player buy a ticket for the game a portion of it is added to the progressive jackpot.”

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